The long term partnership between our agency and TivoliVredenburg ensures we stay in sync with their changing needs. The updated website has successfully strengthened TivoliVredenburg’s reputation as a top spot for cultural experiences in Utrecht and the Netherlands.

TivoliVredenburg is a dynamic cultural hub known for its striking architecture and innovative events, including concerts, conferences and festivals. Our goal was to enhance the venue’s distinct appeal, elevate User Experience for the different audiences and streamline ticket purchases.

'Together we continuously work on improving our website with sprints.'

Yoni Drijfhout

Online & Corporate marketing

By conducting thorough research into user behaviour and preferences in cultural events, we closely collaborated with TivoliVredenburg’s team to align with their vision and brand needs. Our strategy focused on user-friendly design, prioritising easy mobile navigation and visually captivating elements, creating a distinct online experience.

To get a clear idea of what the goals for a website are, thorough research is of great importance. Our User Experience (UX) experts define the end users: who are your visitors, what is their customer journey and what role does the website play in it? These so called personas assist us in making decisions in structure, designing a flow for optimal conversion.

The modern and visually striking design reflects the venue’s ambiance, adding features like responsive design and dark mode for easy viewing across different devices and moments. By using WordPress CMS, we empowered TivoliVredenburg’s marketing team to easily manage event listings, update content and send out newsletters.

The dark mode was on TivoliVredenburg’s wishlist for a long time, because it adds to better accessibility. In a new sprint we added the option in the design to view the website in dark mode. The brightness level of your device is significantly reduced, while you can still read the text clearly due to a good contrast between text and background.
After redesigning the website in a new colour contrast, we implemented the dark mode with an extra switch in the menu to activate it. On devices that already have the dark mode as a default setting the website automatically goes on dark mode.

'Of all the adjustments on the website, I have received by far the most positive feedback about the dark mode, from both colleagues and visitors.'

Yoni Drijfhout

Online & Corporate marketing

User-friendly solutions provide personalized event suggestions based on interests and past attendance, easy ticket purchasing and an interactive calendar with advanced filters. A robust server setup handles high visitor traffic during the sale of popular events.

After the launch, we saw a notable increase in website traffic (>3,12% new sessions) and fewer pages per session (2,93 before and 2,68 after launch), showing a better usability. This resulted in a significant rise in online bookings.

Users have praised the improved usability and simplified event discovery experience. With valuable user feedback we can continuously improve the website to meet client and user expectations. Ongoing we keep improving on web accessibility to ensure inclusivity for all visitors.

Being accessible for everyone also means: more visitors on your website that understand your content. Target audiences increase and can result in better conversion rates.

With the European Accessibility Act starting on 28 june 2025 it is obligated to ensure your e-commerce website is accessible for all visitors. With our checklist based on WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, we create a rapport for websites. The technical fixes can be done by our team, such as better navigation with keyboards, contrast and optimal text spacing. For your own content improvement we provide a useful checklist.

Working with TivoliVredenburg for over 10 years means we have a good foundation. With new team members in both of the teams we have to keep finding each other again and again. Continuing development in sprints (a defined period of time for a project) makes sure we maintain a close relationship.

The website shows the power of innovative design and user-centric solutions in web presence and boosting ticket sales.

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