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Creating a new brand for your target audience starts with the question: who is your audience and how do you reach them? A new online identity for Analytics for a Better World helps this non-profit contribute to a better world through data and technology.

Op een laptop wordt de website van Analytics for a Better World bezocht.

Analytics for a Better World, as a non-profit organization, uses big data to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). They make a significant impact with solutions to global issues such as poverty, climate change and healthcare.

To present themselves to nonprofits, scientists, companies and investors, we developed a brand, a digital magazine and a website.

Overzicht van het ontstaan van het beeldmerk.
Visitekaartjes in de nieuwe huisstijl

In several ‘branding sessions’, we explored together the target audiences and their needs. Most communication happens online, especially for a global organization. Therefore, the identity of Analytics for a Better World is above all ‘digital first’.

Een mobiele telefoon met de website erop.
Een mobiele telefoon met de website erop.
De website wordt bekeken op een tablet.

Online presence requires a strong brand that immediately draws attention. On platforms like social media, visitors quickly decide whether you stand out enough to continue reading.

Het merk van Analytics for a Better World in beelden.

Combining the human aspect with the data-driven goal was a major challenge for the branding.

The logo merges the world, humanity, and data into a powerful brand image. The design is inspired by scientific models and shows order, hierarchy, and straight lines, while the used photography highlights the human aspect. The color palette contrasts earthy tones like green and brown with more rational colors like blue and purple. The technical-looking font resembles a calculator.

A strong brand ensures recognition and consistency with your target audience. In one or more branding sessions, we dive into an organization to tell the story behind your brand. A strong design system contains logical choices for all (digital) tools used to tell your story. Whether it’s print, social media, or the website: we provide all the ingredients needed to visualize and convey your brand story correctly.

Het kleurenpalet toegepast in het merk.
Het kleurenpalet en de hiërarchie hierin.

The new brand was launched in the form of a digital magazine, with enough space for stories and photography to present the organization. An online magazine can be distributed globally and is more sustainable. In close collaboration with Analytics for a Better World, we created both the form and content of the magazine.

A user-friendly website tailored to the main target audiences followed. Additionally, we created other online tools such as a promotional video, presentation slides, and even a diploma for the academy.

When thinking of online tools, a website quickly comes to mind. But there are more possibilities: a digital magazine, social media, a progressive web app, or a dashboard. We are happy to think along about the form and content for all your digital communication.

De homepage van de website.

And then: getting started! A brand only grows when the organization actively engages with it. This requires a good handover, easily done through our Online Style Guide. But most importantly, a brand style that is flexible, enjoyable to work with, and inspiring.
Eagerly WordPress CMS is designed so creating and publishing content is easy. For example, the ‘Stories of impact’ section allows for quick sharing of stories and successes.

Creating a digital first identity for a globally operating organization like Analytics for a Better World ensures good online visibility. They can tell their story in their own magazine, on the website, and with presentation tools for their own academy. A project that required customization and a comprehensive solution for all tools.


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